Meet HDT & Vicat Testing Demands

Meet HDT & Vicat Testing Demands with the New HV Series


HV Series Family Shot


We Understand the Challenges

Safety and efficiency are important factors for labs that need to comply to International Standards for HDT and Vicat testing (including ISO 75, ISO 306, ASTM D648 and ASTM D1525). We understand the challenges facing by you and have incorporated several new design features in our HV Series that will safely improve test accuracy and throughput in your test lab.

If you currently own a HDT-Vicat system, we are offering a trade-up program for a limited time.
Benefit from today’s technology and retain your competitive advantage.





The all new design combined with simple test fixtures, intuitive weight application and advanced electronics enabling automatic LVDT calibrations allow for a fast test set up, and helps reduce operator effort by eliminating repetitive motions associated with this testing. 


Operator Safety



The smooth lifting mechanism of the stations, combined with the ergonomic handle position allows the user of the manual model HV3S 
to raise and lower the stations safely and easily. The station movement is automated on both HV6M and HV6X models.



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