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Why Organizations Around the World Trust Instron

For over 70 years, Instron has supplied more than 75,000 testing systems to the world’s leading manufacturers, and educational, scientific, and research institutions. Instron is a pioneer in the field of composite materials and has been developing systems and participating in ASTM and ISO standards committees to develop new testing methods since the beginning of this industry.

Instron Solutions

We offer a wide range of grips and adapters compatible with stringent alignment requirements, that allow tensile and or compression testing without having to remove the primary grips and therefore compromising alignment. These grips are also compatible with chambers for non-ambient testing and advanced extensometry solutions for most accurate strain measurements.


68FM Series Universal Testing System with Environmental Chamber
Test Smarter
Maximize Uptime
Reliable, Precision Aligned Frames with Debris Protection Pre-loaded bearings and precision ball screws, a thick crosshead and base beam, and low-stretch drive belts contribute to better performance and minimize the energy stored during a test, reducing damage from shock-loads at the end of the test. Seals and filters protect your systems’ electronics from harmful composite dust and debris.
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Ensure Audit Compliance
Precision Alignment to Nadcap Our EM Frames’ very solid design ensures minimal compliance and bending, achieving Nadcap alignment requirements without an alignment cell. For more complex test machine configurations the same machine can easy be configured with an alignment cell and software to minimize bending.
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No Swapping Load Cells
1000:1 Measurement Range Learn More About Load Cells
Improve Throughput
Chambers with Rapid Heat Up and Recovery Times Learn More About Environmental Chambers
Quickly Switch Between Test Types
Wide Range of Interchangeable Grips and Fixtures to meet ASTM/ISO/EN Standards Learn More About Composite Test Fixtures
Simple to Use
Touch Operated Bluehill Universal Software with Comprehensive Library of Composites Test Methods Learn More About Bluehill Universal
Measure Strain Accurately
Range of Contact and Non-Contact Measurement Solutions Learn More About Extensometers

Composite Test Fixtures
Solutions for Composites Testing

In addition to offering a full suite of Instron composite test fixtures, our systems are also compatible with all Wyoming Test Fixtures - ensuring all of your ASTM and ISO standards can be run on Instron systems.

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For Applications That Demand the Highest Standards

Alignment is critical when testing composites. Instron testing machines use precision guidance columns along with adjustable AlignPRO™ alignment fixtures to meet and maintain the highest levels of alignment demanded by the aerospace industry, and help you achieve Nadcap compliance.

Environmental Chamber
Control and Monitor Your Testing Environment

Our environmental chambers will enable you to test the mechanical properties of composite materials and components over a wide range of temperatures from -150 °C up to +600 °C, controllable in Bluehill Universal. The chambers are equipped with multipaned windows to be able to view the test and enabling the use of non-contact extensometry. Rapid heat up and cool down times improve productivity of operators and throughput of test specimens.

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High Precision and Accuracy to Capture Explosive Breaks

Extensometers are used extensively for composites due to their need for precise strain measurement. Instron builds and calibrates contacting and non-contacting extensometers that have been specifically designed for testing composite materials. Instron systems also play nicely with strain gauges.

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AVE 2 Non-Contacting Video Extensometer

Bluehill Universal Composites Test Methods
For Some of the Most Common ASTM, ISO, & EN Standards

The Bluehill® Universal Composite Module includes many composite testing standards to make testing simple and more consistent across many different systems and labs.

To Perform the Most Common Test Types for Composites

High Force Universal Testing Systems
Universal Testing Systems

Instron high force universal testing machines perform tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, and other mechanical tests on materials and products to ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards.

9400 Series Drop Towers
Drop Towers and Pendulum Systems

Drop towers and pendulum systems for qualifying the impact resistance of composite and other materials. From basic un-instrumented to fully instrumented systems with ultra-high speed data acquisition.

ElectroPuls Testing Systems
Servohydraulic and Electrodynamic Systems

Servohydraulic and electrodynamic systems with force ranges from 1 kN to 5,000 kN (200 lbs to 1,000,000 lbs), for dynamic testing of composite materials and components.

Instron Applications Laboratory

Connecting You with the Right Testing Solutions

Instron's global team of 200+ sales and application engineers combined with state of the art testing laboratories near London and Boston ensure that Instron innovates with partners at the leading edge of composites in an effort to keep you and your Instron system compliant with global testing standards.

Contact your local sales engineer to discuss your composite testing needs.

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Composites Testing Brochure

Composites Testing Solutions Brochure