Structural Durability

The Challenge

A car consists of an average of 10,000 individual components. During their lifetime, diverse service loads affect most of those vehicle components. That means that the components weaken or wear through their lifetime causing safety and reliability to no longer be guaranteed.

Fatigue damages caused by bad road conditions or extreme driving maneuvers can cause damage to car components which can lead to serious accidents. Currently, automotive manufacturers and their component suppliers carry out extensive functional and service life tests of vehicle components or entire systems in order to avoid personal injuries and property or environmental damages.

Our Solution

Instron offers comprehensive expertise in the areas of service load simulation, comfort, and vibration tests designated for testing passenger cars, buses, trucks, and special vehicles. 

The offered solutions give a wide range from simple, single-channel component testing to complex test systems which enable the simulation of all service loads including those under environmental conditions.

A modular concept allows individual test rig components to be customized and tailored to the specific requirements of the application at hand.

With our test and simulation systems, we bring the road directly into your laboratory. All desired real-world conditions can be simulated and reproduced under laboratory conditions.

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