Shock Absorbers Impact Test

The automotive industry remains one of the most common and vulnerable to impact events. Depending on the component, impact damage can have a minor effect on appearance or lead to a major failure in vehicle safety. Both car assemblers and OEM part suppliers must comply with strict safety standards in order to produce high-quality products. Automotive test standards and regulations place an emphasis on impact performance of assemblies and components.
The Challengeautomotive

Shock absorbers used in an automotive suspension assembly can experience impact damage. In real life conditions, these dampers are exposed to multiple impacts and are expected to make vibrations as smooth as possible (e.g. speed bumps). It’s necessary for suppliers to understand the behavior of the rubber damper or plastic part connected to it after repeated impact cycles.

Our SolutionShock Absorber Impact Test

Instron designed a special tall thermostatic chamber for a 9450 Drop Tower to accommodate a 600 mm tall damper assembly and developed a dedicated software module to perform multiple impacts on it. This software module enables automatic repetitive impact tests up to 1200 consecutive cycles to simulate the actual use scenario. This helped our customer with new product development and material selection for dampers to be used in this application.

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