Button and Switch Compression Testing

The Challenge
Button and Switch Compression

In today's automobiles, a single click of a button or switch is used everywhere, including starting the engine, dashboard controls for entertainment and diagnostic information, and advanced door locking systems. This makes it critical to test the functionality of buttons and switches as the risk of a defective button could be very high, the driver not being able to enter or turn on the vehicle. Mechanically testing buttons is mainly compression testing to understand how much force is required to push a button to engage the electrical signal. This is also known as tactility testing of buttons where OEMs are interested in testing to determine the "feel" of a button.

Our Solution
switch testing

Instron offers various XY stages that can move to test multiple buttons on the same specimen. Standard and custom solutions are available to hold specimens securely during testing.  Instron’s Custom Solutions Group is committed to working with customers on designing probes of different materials and sizes based on specimen and application requirements, in addition to the various standard probes offered.  Instron also offers a multiple point compression software solution strictly designed for testing buttons and switches at high speed, parameters include button height and return height, eliminating long travel times.

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