Display Panel Testing

As infotainment display panels and screens are becoming standard features in many automobiles, it is important for manufacturers to understand their mechanical reliability. These displays need to last the lifetime of the vehicle, much longer than a standard electronic device. Therefore, it is relevant to study their mechanical reliability.
The Challengeautomotive

Display panels need to withstand years of abuse.  A multitude of rigorous testing needs to be completed to ensure the panel will last.  Compression testing should be completed on multiple locations on the panel which has historically been very time-consuming.  Additionally, flexure tests are also conducted, sometimes to a point of failure.  Panels can fail out of nowhere and it can be hard to observe the break.  All these factors make display testing challenging.

Our Solution

Instron® offers an Automated XY Stage that will move the display panel so that compression testing can be completed at multiple locations.  The stage is driven to different points taught by the operator using the Multi-Test module for Bluehill® Universal software. The test is then automated so all points can be tested in a single run at high speed. Probes of different sizes are available as well.

With a variety of flex/bend fixtures, Instron is able to meet most any display panel bend test need. Fixtures include both 3 and 4 point models with fixed and variable span options. Fixtures also can be altered with a variety of options. If you have a unique bend test need, Instron's Custom Solutions Group can work with you to develop a fixture to your specifications.

Understand failure visually and how it correlates to test data with the TestCam module for test recording and playback. Capture high-speed videos in real time and play them back to get a complete understanding of how the panel reacts at break.

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