Tensile testing is ideal when assessing the physical characteristics of many primary textiles, including specialized materials. We offer a wide range of universal testing instruments with different types of gripping solutions to accommodate the wide variations of materials to be tested.

When testing these textiles, we used the 2714-010 Pneumatic Cord and Yarn Grips as they provided the correct gripping solution for this material. As with many textile and composite fibers, it is critical to ensure that no slippage occurs during the test as this could jeopardize the accuracy of any test results.

Aramid fibers have a high strength to weight ratio, 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and compared to other commercially available fibers. Aramid fibers exhibit similar tensile strength to glass fiber, but can have modulus at least twice as great.

For the testing on aramid fibers, we offer a range of pneumatically operated grips that have been specially designed for exactly this purpose.

So whether or not you are following specific test standards or testing with your own test procedure, we recommend using either the 3300 or 5900 universal testing instruments with Bluehill® 3 Software modules to provide the correct solution for your requirements.

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