Multi-Point Compression Testing of Screens

ISO 13406-2 | ISO 9241-3

The Challenge

In addition to providing a robust viewing experience for hand-held and wearable devices, display technologies also offer touch capability for devices, giving consumers limitless ways to control their devices. Touch capability in various modes, such as using a stylus or fingers on devices, causes multi-point compression across a display panel. Force applied from touch varies by individual user and across device types, such as infotainment systems in automobiles, smartphones, tablets, touch-enabled laptops, etc. On average, billions of touch points are engaged by the user on a display panel of a typical hand-held device. With OLEDs as the next generation display technology, it is critical to perform multi-point compression testing to understand the effect of force applied on the multi-layered organic thin films at various locations of the display panel.

Our Solution

Instron’s 6800 Series single column systems are suitable for performing multi-point compression tests on screens and displays. The AT2 Automated XY Stage Testing System on a single column system offers the ability to automate multi-point compression testing on different sized display panels. Probes of different designs and materials (steel, plastic, etc.) are available to perform this compression testing. Bluehill® Universal testing software enables the user to easily set up methods for automating compression testing at various locations, such as 9-point compression testing, and record results at various points. Critical results, such as deflection at a certain load, can be computed using the software.