Bluehill Elements Software, built on the Bluehill platform meets the requirements of simple tension, compression, flexure, peel, and tear testing. With functionality such as automatic report generation, prompted test work flows, live control charts, and the option to utilize the TrendTracker database, Bluehill Elements is ideal for Quality Control testing.

Features for Efficient Workflows

Automatic Data Export
Users can export test results and raw data in CSV or custom text files. Formatting of exports are completely customizable, allowing users to easily retrieve data or interface with a lab information management system.

Raw Data Viewer
Examine every data point for any measurement directly from the software.

Operator Inputs without Manual Data Entry
Automatically input specimen dimensions from measurement devices, scan a barcode to enter numbers and text inputs into the software, or utilize choice inputs to provide users with simple dropdown menus to eliminate manual data entry.

Displays that Meet the Eye
Testing status, measurements, and key results are displayed on easy to ready, live displays.

Flexible, Yet Simple

Intuitive Operation, Minimal Training
Instron understands the reality of workforce changes. Therefore, we have chosen minimal training as a key measure for usability. Bluehill Elements Software has a simple, user-friendly interface. 

Right Report for the Right Audience
Bluehill Elements incorporates several pre-defined report templates for output to a printer, email, or save the file directly as a PDF for easy sharing. Changing the placement of charts and tables can easily be setup with pre-populated choices. Users can tie a specific report template to a given method, automating the report generation for different tests.

Basic Security
For production or quality control testing, where general testers should not have access to change parameters in the method, Bluehill Elements has three configurable levels of security Administrators, Managers, and Operators.

A Common Language
In the testing world, Bluehill is a standard tool. Available in fifteen languages and used with thousands of systems worldwide, Bluehill's test methods, calculations, and data formats are universally recognized and accepted. Whether you are matching data with a local supplier or comparing test methods with a multi-national customer, Bluehill Elements allows you to speak a common language.

Add-Ons for Bluehill Elements

Connect a USB webcam to experience point-by-point video playback, allowing users to view test data alongside with video after the test has finished.

Pass/Fail Component
Set up acceptance criteria for multiple test results. If one of those results are above or below the acceptance range, Bluehill Elements will automatically display a large icon in green check for Pass or red X for Fail.

The TrendTracker plug-in for Bluehill Elements, allows users to export results directly to the TrendTracker database. The TrendTracker Viewer provides an intuitive interface to search, display, and analyze test results over time.

Computer Requirements

Requires Windows 10 or 11, 64-bit Operating System. Bluehill Elements can be used with a touch monitor.

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