LCF3 Software

Provides system control, data acquisition, real-time graphs, calculation of results, storage of data to disk, and post test graphs and reports in accordance with the relevant sections of ASTM E606-04, BS 7270 (2006), and ISO 12106 (2003). 

Principle Of Operation

  • Tests can be run in axial strain, plastic strain or stress control
  • Ability to select from a range of SI and US Customary units
  • Test method editor allowing for simple test method creation and recall
  • Support of rectangular, cylindrical and tubular specimens
  • Automatic calculation of Modulus within user specified limits
  • Temperature control and/or monitoring are available for Eurotherm 900, 2000 and 3000 series instruments
  • Automatic adjustment of gauge length when at test temperature
  • Support of Sine, Triangular and Trapezoidal waveforms
  • Ability to perform stress controlled run-out tests at up to 50Hz
  • Selectable specimen break criteria to accurately pinpoint specimen failure
  • Combined linear, logarithmic and peak interval data logging
  • Review of summary data
  • User configurable run-time screen capable of displaying results fields and up to 3 graphs
  • Ability to stop and re-start test at any point, with modulus checking as required
  • Off-line analysis with user configurable trend and hysteresis plots
  • Export of graphs and test data
  • Comprehensive on-line help system
  • Set of Electronic Manuals in PDF Format

Please contact Instron for the minimum PC requirements necessary to install and operate this software.

Application Range

  • Low Cycle Fatigue tests to ASTM E606-04 and ISO12106 (2003) 
  • Compatible with 8800 Series systems only