CrashSim Office

CrashSim Office is a stand-alone program for signal preparation and processing, as well as for predicting the pulse-making capability and the generation of the DriveSignal for the CrashSimulationSystem. CrashSimOffice is used offline from the crash simulation system and has essentially the following characteristics

Import Functions
  • Easy import from a wide range of data formats
  • Define sampling rate or time data (can be variable period)
  • Add/Clip time to pulse
  • CFC filtering with preview
  • Preview of imported pulse

Edit Functions
  • Scale/Stretch entire pulse
  • Individual peak editing
  • Insert/Delete data
  • Display of velocity and stroke based on edits
  • Graphical editing with zoom
  • Preview of edited pulse

Prediction Functions
  • Contains all rig parameters
  • Simulate different payloads
  • View predicted acceleration result, velocity, and stroke
  • Go direct to Edit function for further editing
  • Save final result as tgt file for use at the rig

CrashSim Office is an indispensable tool in the modern development process. Due to its variety of possibilities, it relieves the sled test operation of a multitude of necessary pre-shots to prove the feasibility of a pulse. As a result, CrashSim Office helps the sled system to function as efficiently and productively as possible.

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