To enable the different loading signals measured under actual service conditions on vehicles, sub-assemblies or components to be replayed on the test rig, these loading signals first need to be "translated". RS TWR (Time Waveform Replication) produces a mathematical model of the test specimen and the test rig, and uses this model to calculate actuator drive signals from measured load histories, e.g. loads or strains. The system employs an iterative procedure and ensures maximum accuracy in the reproduction of measured load data.

The module excels through user-friendly operation. Assisted by the new integrated process flow tool, less experienced operators will be able after a very short period of familiarization to conduct a typical simulation procedure. The Windows environment will be familiar to most users, and an intelligent selection of parameters minimizes necessary user inputs.

Benefit from the following advantages of RS TWR:

  • Easy to operate through new, integrated process flow tool
  • Fully automatic
    • Automatic management of all setup, model and result files
    • Fully automatic drive file iteration
  • Precise
    • RS TWR enables you to replay loading histories measured on the test track with maximum accuracy on your test rig

RS TWR Features

  • Efficient and transparent data organisation
  • Use of intelligent technologies for model identification
  • Integrated report generation
  • Convergence judgment by forward and backward prediction


  • Adaptive model optimization in the iteration phase
  • Time and frequency-dependent correction of the drive signals. e.g. Non-linear stop for a wheel suspension
  • Automatic handling of different models for individual sections in the target signal
  • Interface to virtual test systems
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