For Testing at Non-Ambient Temperatures

Environmental testing chambers on Electromechanical, ElectroPuls, and Servohydraulic Testing Systems

Compatible with both static and dynamic testing machines, the 3119-600 Series environmental chambers provide extensive temperature testing capabilities for evaluating material properties under non-ambient conditions. Chambers are available in a wide range of standard dimensions and can be fixed to the machine or mounted on roller brackets. They can also be fitted to other makes of testing machines with custom mountings, if needed. In addition, Instron can tailor complete solutions, including load string components, if the requirements for your application fall outside of the specifications of our standard chambers, grips, and fixtures.

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Principle of Operation

Instron environmental chambers use a forced-convection principle in which hot or cold air is circulated around the specimen, grips, and pull rods to provide optimum heating/cooling rates, reduced thermal gradients, and good thermal stability. Ambient temperature air is also passed from the rear of the chamber into the space between the insulation and the outer panels. This helps to keep the outer skin of the chamber cool. The selectable high/low fan speed allows delicate specimens to be tested by reducing the effect of air turbulence within the chamber.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced functions include 8-segment ramp/dwell, USB interface, and analog DC output capability
  • Removable wedge ports provide quick and easy loadstring setup and incorporate instrumentation cut-outs for extensometer cables without interfering with the pull rods
  • Dedicated cryogen exhaust port makes safe venting simple
  • Triple-pane, optical quality borosilicate glass window with twin cartridge heaters for minimizing frosting and misting when testing at low temperatures
  • Full 3-term PID temperature controller with auto-tune combines simplicity and flexibility to cover a range of testing requirements
  • Selectable slow fan speed improves testing of delicate specimens at low forces by reducing air turbulence
  • Interlock switch on floor model chambers for water-cooled grips shuts chamber down automatically if water flow is interrupted
Environmental Chamber Drawing



Heating is achieved by passing air over an electrically heated element. All chambers in the range come with heating as standard. Cooling is achieved by blowing cryogenic gas (either CO2 or LN2) into the chamber via an optional cooling valve. The cryogenic gas is normally stored in cylinders (liquid CO2) or a self-pressurizing Dewar (liquid N2). Waste cryogenic gas is exhausted to the rear of the chamber through a dedicated port to which a silicone rubber pipe can be attached and vented outside the laboratory environment.


Instron 5960 Series Table Top Model with Environmental Chamber


Access to the specimen and grips is via a left-hand hinged door that also contains a heated, optical-glass window. An internal light allows the inside of the chamber to be clearly seen if required. The chamber automatically turns off heating, cooling, and the fan when the door is opened, reducing the hot/cold air reaching the operator.



A dedicated Eurotherm 3208 temperature controller mounted to the chamber is used to select the required set-point temperature. Temperature is monitored and controlled by a Type N thermocouple inside the chamber. The controller can be programmed with defined heating rates and dwell times (8 segments), as well as communicate with a PC via USB using compatible Instron software. It also features a 0-10V analog output of temperature for use by other devices, such as chart recorders.

Temperature Controller


6800 Series Universal Testing System with an Environmental Chamber

Chambers for Table Model Systems
Rating  Cooling option required to achieve temperatures below ambient levels.
Dimensions  Depth x Width x Height
Dimensions  Width x Height
3119-605 -100 °C to 350 °C
230 x 240 x 485 mm 350 x 635 mm
3119-606 -100 °C to 350 °C
230 x 240 x 560 mm 350 x 710 mm
3119-609 -100 °C to 350 °C
230 x 240 x 660 mm 350 x 810 mm
3119-615 -100 °C to 350 °C
230 x 240 x 860 mm 350 x 1010 mm

6800 Series floor model with BlueHill Universal and an environmental chamber 

Chambers for Floor Model Systems
Rating  Cooling option required to achieve temperatures below ambient levels.
Dimensions  Depth x Width x Height
Dimensions  Width x Height
3119-607 -150 °C to 350 °C
400 x 400 x 560 mm 550 x 710 mm
3119-608 -150 °C to 600 °C
400 x 400 x 560 mm 550 x 710 mm
3119-610 -150 °C to 350 °C
400 x 400 x 660 mm 550 x 810 mm
3119-616 -80 °C to 350 °C
400 x 400 x 900 mm 550 x 1050 mm
3119-617 -80 °C to 350 °C
400 x 400 x 760 mm 550 x 910 mm
3119-618 -80 °C to 350 °C
400 x 400 x 1000 mm 550 x 1050 mm

5900 Series Multi-Station Test Frame with Environmental Chamber

For those testing applications that require more than a standard chamber offers, our Engineered Solutions Group is available to design specialized environmental chambers to fit your needs, including taller or wider chambers, chambers with higher temperature ratings, and custom load string components, such as grips and fixtures.