Suitable for both low force dynamic and static testing along with dental standards ISO 9917, ISO 6872, ISO 4049 or ISO 20795 the low-force 3-Point bend fixture is designed to be compatible with ElectroPuls E1000. The specimen is supported on two lower anvils and the load is applied in the center of the specimen by a single upper anvil.  The t-slot base allows adjustment of the lower span from 15 - 80mm (0.59 - 3.15in) allowing for variable specimen lengths and is submersible to be compatible with an optional fluid bath and recirculator.

Optional Accessories

4-Point Bend Fixture Conversion Kit (2810-605): Used to convert 2810-600 from a 3-point to a 4-point bend fixture, the 4-point bend conversion kit has a variable span of 5 - 40mm (0.19-1.57in) and is suitable for both static and dynamic testing. The test specimen is supported on two lower anvils while the load is evenly applied by two upper anvils.


• 3 kN (675 lbf) capacity
• Support span 15 – 80 mm (0.59 – 3.15 in) 

Application Range 

• Bend testing of small components, plastics, wood, and composites 
• Specimen shapes: Flat and round 
• Suitable for both static & fatigue testing  
• Compatible with ElectroPuls E1000

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