O-Ring Test Fixtures

The O-ring test fixture is designed to facilitate the testing of O-rings and other similar continuous loop specimens where it is essential to minimize localized stressing in the sample. With a maximum capacity of 1 kN, these fixtures feature interchangeable spindle sets of various diameters and thicknesses that can be easily swapped out to meet a range of testing standards.

Compatible Frames Catalog Number
Single Column Systems:
334X, 34SC, 444X, 554X, 584X, 594X, 68SC systems with 1 kN or greater capacity
Table Model Systems | Standard Height and Extra Height:
336X, 34TM, 446X, 556X, 586X, 596X, 68TM
Interchangeable Spindles

Roller Diameter Roller Width Relevant Standard Catalog Number
3.18 mm 7 mm   2717-074
4.75 mm 7 mm D412 Proc. B 2717-070
6.35 mm 7 mm   2717-075
12.7 mm 7 mm ASTM D1414 2717-076
15 mm 25 mm BS 3704 2717-071
18.3 mm 7 mm DIN 53504 R2 2717-073
22.3 mm 7 mm DIN 53504 R1 2717-072
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