The Smart-Close Air Kit (catalog no. 2701-095), compatible with all 3400 and 6800 Series frames, is a system integrated option that allows for monitoring and control of pneumatic pressure to Instron’s pneumatic grips. 


  • Test pressure is saved within the test method, increasing repeatability by ensuring gripping pressure is consistent for each test.
  • Activate the grip closure using the ergonomic IP-65 rated dual pedal footswitch.


  • For non-rigid specimens such as thin films and elastomers, automatically open the grips at the end of the test, reducing the number of steps required to run a test.
  • Automatically close the second grip when the correct pre-tension force is achieved by tugging on the free end of cord and yarn specimens.


  • When setting up for a test, the pneumatic pressure is limited and the speed of closing is slowed to minimize pinch hazards. Activate full test pressure with the Virtual Interlock after specimens are safely inserted into the grips.
  • The air kit is fully integrated into the system’s emergency stop, ensuring the grips will release when the E-stop is engaged.
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