Instron Releases New Bluehill® Impact Software

Built on the popular and adaptive Bluehill® platform, Bluehill Impact is Instron's newest and most advanced impact testing software. Bluehill Impact is the first impact testing software to be designed for touch interaction. Its meticulously-crafted visual interface features large touchpoints and intuitive gestures to make the user experience simpler and smarter than ever before.


Bluehill Impact Test Screen 

Bluehill Impact offers many advanced features to enhance and simplify the testing process. To streamline the method selection process for operators, Bluehill Impact comes pre-loaded with many of the most common impact testing methods. A real-time analog dial, fed by digital data, simulates the traditional style of reading impact energy while giving it a modern touch. Bluehill Impact also provides enhanced data sorting and exporting. Visit the Bluehill® Impact product page to learn more. 

“Impact testing machines are critical for the metals industry. These instruments have long been limited to using analog or digital readouts. Bluehill Impact is an exponential leap forward, taking the power of Instron's Bluehill platform and making impact testing now simpler, smarter, and safer”

- Matthew Spiret, Product Manager for High Force Applications