Introducing TrendTracker for Bluehill Central Webinar

In the world of materials testing, having an easy way to search and analyze data collected over time across multiple testing systems is critical. In this webinar, we introduce TrendTracker for Bluehill Central – a new module designed to accelerate the data analysis workflow of your lab. It offers the ability to perform multi-sample data analysis, customizable queries that provide insight into trends and outliers, a variety of visual plotting options, and the ability to export the data for further analysis.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand how TrendTracker integrates with your Bluehill testing software
  • How to build search templates to query the data you are looking for
  • How to find the right statistics and charts to help identify trends and outliers in test data
  • Insight into Bluehill Central, Instron’s latest lab management application

Presenter: Dan Caesar – Software Product Manager, Instron

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Bluehill® Central | Lab Management Software from Instron®

Bluehill Central is Instron’s network solution that centralizes the management of your laboratory's Instron systems. With Central, you can remotely manage all Bluehill Universal users, test templates, results, file revision approvals, and audit trail data from multiple Instron systems.

TrendTracker for Bluehill Central Software

The TrendTracker module in Bluehill Central accelerates the data analysis workflow of your lab. An intuitive interface allows you to quickly search, display, and analyze results over time and across multiple samples and test systems. Say goodbye to tedious file searching and copy-pasting of data.

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