Environmental Chambers for Non-Ambient Materials Testing: 3119-600 Series

Instron's® 3119-600 Series environmental chambers provide extensive temperature testing capabilities for evaluating material properties under non-ambient conditions.

Compatible with both static and dynamic testing machines, environmental chambers are available in a wide range of standard dimensions and can be fixed to the machine or mounted on roller brackets. They can also be fitted to other makes of testing machines with custom mountings, if needed. In addition, Instron can tailor complete solutions, including load string components, if the requirements for your application fall outside of the specifications of our standard chambers, grips, and fixtures.

Features and benefits:

  • 8-segment ramp/dwell, USB interface, and analog DC output capability.
  • Removable wedge ports provide quick and easy load string setup and incorporate instrumentation cut-outs for extensometer cables without interfering with the pull rods.
  • Dedicated cryogen exhaust port makes safe venting simple.
  • Triple-pane, optical quality borosilicate glass window with twin cartridge heaters minimizes frosting and misting when testing at low temperatures.
  • Full 3-term PID temperature controller with auto-tune combines simplicity and flexibility to cover a range of testing requirements.
  • Selectable slow fan speed improves testing of delicate specimens at low forces by reducing air turbulence.
  • Interlock switch on floor model chambers for water-cooled grips shuts chamber down automatically if water flow is interrupted.

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