Drop-Through Load Cell Adapter for 6800 Series Retrofits

The drop-through load cell adapter allows for 2580 Series load cells to be used on 6800 Series retrofitted Instron table model and floor model frames up to 100 kN, enabling you to take advantage of the advanced performance features in Bluehill® Universal software. This includes the ability to measure forces down to 1/1000th of the rated load cell capacity, and it gives the retrofitted frame full access to Instron's Collision Mitigation feature.

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Quick-Mount Load Cell Adapters

Instron’s quick-mount load cell adapters make it easier to secure load cells up to 50 kN to the crosshead of 6800 or 5900 Series universal testing machines. One part of the adapter mounts to the crosshead, the other to the load cell – allowing the load cell to hang securely from the crosshead unaided while you thread the through-bolt to complete installation. Additional load cell adapters are available for use with 2580, 2530, and 2525 Series load cells of various capacities.

Instron 3400 & 6800 Series System Retrofits

3400 & 6800 Series system retrofits breathe fresh life into your legacy Instron testing system by providing a comprehensive upgrade that replaces aging and at-risk components. In addition to preventing unexpected downtime, a retrofit upgrade allows a legacy system to use the latest in testing technology, software, and features.

Ring and Pin Features of Instron® 2580 and 2530 Series Load Cells

Instron® designs and manufactures our own load cells to meet the unique requirements of materials testing, including having a high accuracy over a wide measurement range, high stiffness, resistance to offset loads, accurate alignment, and excellent zero stability. In this video, we discuss the unique ring and pin features of the 2580 Series and 2530 Series static load cells that are specifically designed to ensure your load cell is correctly centered and installed in the same place every time you use it.

Retrofitting and Modernizing Legacy Testing Equipment

In this webinar, you’ll learn how legacy testing equipment like this can be retrofitted to take advantage of the latest software, functionality, and accessories to modernize and expand your lab’s capabilities.

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