Autoinjector Testing System

Semi-automated system for testing pen and autoinjectors to ISO 11608

Developed in close partnership with pharmaceutical device manufacturers, Instron’s latest generation Autoinjector Testing System can perform full functionality testing on a wide range of drug delivery devices — such as needle shield and button-activated devices, as well as safety syringes. This system measures a variety of essential performance requirements, including cap removal, dose accuracy, activation force, injection time, needle depth, click detection, and needle guard lockout — allowing labs to meet internal quality requirements and international standards such as ISO 11608.

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Autoinjector Testing System: Root Cause Analysis

Instron’s Autoinjector Testing System uses a high-resolution video camera, along with the machine vision camera, to provide critical visuals to aid in root cause analysis when a device failure occurs.

Autoinjector Testing System: Simple Test Methods

Bluehill Universal uses simplified test types that empower users to develop and change method parameters with ease, while offering the flexibility to readily accommodate future devices without requiring Instron’s support.

CT6 Cobot Configured for Auto-Injector Testing

Instron’s® CT6 can be configured as an automated solution for the required testing of auto-injection devices — providing the benefits of automation without the additional complexity of a fully automated testing system. Designed to accommodate auto-injectors with varying geometries, this system allows you to measure a variety of critical data points including cap removal, activation force, injection time, injection mass/volume, and lock out force of the needle shield — all within a single test method.

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