Alignment Test

Our Field Service and Calibration Engineers work directly with ASTM and Nadcap to understand the requirements for materials testing system alignment. We have developed and established alignment calibration services complying with the guidelines and calculations detailed within ASTM E1012, Nadcap AC7122, and Nadcap AC7101 standards.

What Is Alignment?

The alignment test ensures that your test frame and grips are properly aligned. Accurate alignment ensures uniform stress in the specimen's test section, which is important when testing brittle and high modulus materials.

Why Do I Need Alignment?

The alignment of your testing system can change due to:

  • Changing your grips
  • Fitting new or replacement fixtures
  • Repositioning the fixed crosshead
  • Wear or damage to your fixtures or testing system components

Consequently, the importance of accurate alignment is being recognized by accreditation bodies and major aerospace corporations.

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