Force Calibration

Instron’s force calibration services not only meet industry and international regulatory standards but also routinely exceed them. As the leading provider of high-accuracy instruments and the first materials testing company to use strain gauge load cell technology, we take pride in knowing that our calibrations are of the highest quality.
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Benefits of Instron’s Force Calibration Service​

Instron’s accredited calibrations cover a wider range of forces than other providers, enabling the usage of test systems to both lower and higher forces without the need for changing transducers or purchasing new ones. Additionally, our enhanced or extended force calibration service provides a +/-0.5% accuracy at installation and +/-1.0% at subsequent calibration dates, all the way down to the system’s lowest specification limit. ​

Force Calibration Standards​

ASTM E4 and ISO 7500-1 are the two internationally recognized standard methods for calibrating the force measuring capability of materials testing machines. Calibrating equipment to either of these standards is a low-risk way to assure that your force transducers have been calibrated properly and to reduce the risk of providing inaccurate results from the instrument.​