Strain Calibration

Instron has been a leading provider in measuring and calibrating strain and is an active participant in the development of ASTM E83, ISO 9513 and ISO 5893 strain measurement standards
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Why Calibrate Your Strain Reading?
Calibration of your strain measurement devices improves the effectiveness of your equipment which leads to greater confidence in your testing results.​

You should calibrate your instrument’s strain measuring device if any of the following apply to you:​

  • Strain is critical to your testing needs and is reported in the test results.​
  • Strain readings must be precise and repeatable.​
  • The material or component under test is strain rate sensitive.
  • Even if strain is not a critical parameter, if it is being measured and the data is being used in any way, calibrating strain is a good testing practice to ensure readings are repeatable and accurate.