ASTM F606 Fastener Testing Bolt Test

ASTM F606 fastener and bolt testing

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ASTM F606 is a test method that establishes testing procedures for determining the mechanical properties of externally and internally threaded fasteners, washers, direct tension indicators, and rivets. Bolt and fastener testing is very common in the automotive and industrial/consumer products industries. 

Materials Testing System

Due to the high forces needed to perform testing on metals, ASTM F606 testing is best performed on a high force floor model system such as Instron's 6800 Series with Bluehill Universal software. For Series C and D bolts generally rated for loads greater than 600 kN, we recommend hydraulic systems such as Instron's HDX Series.


ASTM F606 Test Setup
HDX Static Hydraulic Testing System
W-5232 Floor-Standing Interlocked Enclosure
W-5155 Fastener Holders
ASTM F606 system setup
Grips and Fixtures

For tensile testing of fasteners, Instron provides a wide selection of fastener holders and inserts to match the specified dimensions. Fastener testing accessories allow for the performance of proof tests, axial and wedge tensile tests, and cone stripping tests on most standard bolts, screws, studs, and nuts. Available accessories are compatible with most universal tensile testing machines and include a complete line of flat, wedge, and countersunk test washers, fastener holders, short bolt adapters, holder reducing assemblies, and nut proof loading mandrels for proof, tensile, and head strength testing in accordance with ASTM F606 and other fastener standards. These can be found on pages 27 - 38 of Instron's accessories catalog.

fastener testing fixtures for mechanical testing
W-5155 Fastener Holders
Testing Tips and Tricks
  • ASTM F606 requires that elongation be recorded in conjunction with fastener proof tests. This data is used to ensure that fasteners are not permanently deformed after the proof load is removed. While an extensometer can be used to measure elongation depending on the method, it is not typically used for most testing. Because of this, machine stiffness can affect the results. Instron frames and bolt fixtures are very stiff, which allows for more accurate and repeatable results when used without an extensometer device.
  • Each Instron fastener holder features a key slot that allows the operator to load specimens quickly and correctly. A recessed circular area in the bottom of each fastener holder ensures that the washer will fit snugly. This reduces loading time and occurrences of slippage, because a secure, centered seating is ensured for each test.
  • For more information about testing to ASTM F606, purchase the standard.
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