The Instron® planar biaxial cruciform testing systems feature high-stiffness, precision-aligned annular load frames combined with 4 advanced actuators mounted in-plane and perpendicular to one another. Using the advanced features of the 8800 controller to provide translation and deformation control of each axis, these systems are ideal for large strain field coverage in two-axis tensile, low-cycle fatigue (LCF), high-cycle fatigue (HCF), thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF), and fracture tests.

Console software provides full system control from a PC: including basic waveform generation, calibration, limit set up, and status monitoring. WaveMatrix™ Dynamic Testing Software is used for sychronized test control of each axis with simple or complex tests being developed from the Graphical method setup screen.


  • Standard systems feature load capacities ranging up to 250 kN
  • 8800 Advanced Modal Control Techniques
  • Wide variety of options, grips, and accessories avaiable to suit application requirements
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