High Performance PC for Instron Dynamic Systems

Product Specification for Instron Supplied High Performance PC

Model OptiPlex 7090
Processor Intel Core i7-10700 (8 cores/16MB/8T/2.9 to 4.8GHz/65W)
Clock Frequency 4.6 GHz (8 cores)
External Cache 16MB
RAM Installed 8GB
Hard Disk 1TB
CD-ROM Drive 8x DVD +/- RW
USB Ports 10 min.
Parallel Ports None
Serial Ports 1 min.
Network Interface (Ethernet) RJ-45 (Integrated) min
Network Interface (Ethernet) 2nd Intel Gigabit NIC PCIe Card FH
Video Intel Integrated Graphics, Dell OptiPlex : HDMI and 2 Display Ports
Audio (Integrated) min
Expansion Slots 1 PCI (NOT full length) and 2 PCIe x16 (1 wired x4), 1 PCIe x4 min
Power Supply 260 Watt
Package Style Mini Tower

Minimum required specification for customer supplied PC

The following specifications detail the minimum required computer configuration for all new system purchases:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64 bit) version 1607 or later*
  • 3.6 GHz Quad-Core CPU (Intel)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB free disk space for software installation plus sufficient free space for acquired data (100GB+ recommended)
  • DVD Drive to install software
  • Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Interface PC/PCIe Card and Ethernet Port (the PC should have 2 Ethernet Cards/Ports if network access is needed)
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

* Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 7 (any edition) are not supported. Note Microsoft stopped support for Windows 7 in January 2020. Windows 11 has not yet been tested.