Tensile adhesion and bond strength are important parameters in determining the performance of bonding materials in restorative dentistry. Although these particular types of test do not predict clinical behavior, they help scientists and researchers understand materials in a controlled laboratory environment.

ISO/TS 11405 'Dental materials - Testing of adhesion to tooth structure' helps to establish laboratory guidelines to evaluating both tensile and shear bond strength.

For a successful mechanical test of tensile bond strength, specimen alignment is critical during mounting of the specimen and as the test progresses.

Our tensile adhesion fixture for dental materials can be mounted to either a 5900 or 3300 Electromechanical Testing Machine or an ElectroPuls™ Dynamic Test Instrument. The fixture contains the necessary features to avoid uneven stress distribution upon the specimen during loading. A specimen preparation accessory helps to ensure correct alignment of the material during the setup of a test.

We recommend that you review ISO/TS 11405 to fully understand its requirements.

Interested in other types of test for dental materials or dental implants? We have a variety of solutions for testing of dental materials and implants.

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