Durability testing requires a range of transducers that can provide critical feedback signals to the controller under dynamic loading conditions. As safety critical components, sensors need to be fatigue rated to survive the cyclic loads they experience during normal operation. Transducer calibration over the full measurement range needs to be accredited, repeatable and stable in order to guarantee the integrity of the test results. Test applications typically require special transducer designs to meet the demanding service loads and range of operational conditions.


Instron design and manufacture a wide range of transducers to meet the specific demands of test applications.  Sensors are available for static and dynamic force, torque, displacement, pressure, strain, acceleration and temperature measurement. All Instron transducers are suitable for use as control feedback sensors or for data acquisition of test results. Instron has accredited calibration laboratories and is able to provide on-site traceable calibration of force transducers to international standards.

Load Cells

Instron precision load cells are used to determine static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces, which are usually built up by a load unit and transferred to a test specimen. Together with measuring amplifiers, they form a highly accurate measuring system for the material and component testing as well as for vibration resistance tests in the force change range. On account of the different sizes, they can be selected correspondingly to the respective load units.

Torque transducer

The torque transducer PM-T allows a torque measurement on Hydropuls® rotary cylinders in conjunction with the measuring amplifier. In the torque transducer PM-T, a mechanical torque is converted into an electrical resistance change. The measuring amplifier converts this resistance change into an electrical voltage.

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