Instron® has pioneered many of the significant developments in the materials testing industry since being founded in 1946 by two research scientists. With investment in research and development, we have produced a number of materials testing innovations – from the first strain gauge load cell to all-electric dynamic systems to video extensometry. Our ambition to continually innovate and develop new products is driven by the engineering and technical expertise of our experienced employees – designing systems and accessories with our core philosophy of data integrity, safety and protection of investment in mind.

The Instron brand is widely recognized for producing some of the most accurate, responsive, and secure materials testing systems in the world. With seated members on international compliance boards and a global network of experienced and skilled service technicians, Instron backs each system with all the resources necessary to support it throughout its lifetime. For over 75 YEARS we have been proud to design some of the most advanced systems in the materials testing industrys.

Testing Systems

View our testing machine product lines which include: universal, dynamic & fatigue, impact, rheology, HDT and vicat, automation, torsion, structural durability, and crash simulation systems.

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View our hundreds of grips, fixtures, load cells, and wide range of general purpose and application-focused accessories designed to help you get the most from your materials testing system.

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View all of our Materials testing software packages that are available for all new Instron systems and also as an upgrade to many existing Instron systems.

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