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BI-7030 Servo Hydraulic High Force Test System

The Bi-7030 High Force Fatigue Testing Machines are servo-hydraulic solutions built for testing materials or components at large forces using a four column, high stiffness loadframe and a spacious T-slot bed. They are typically used for static and fatigue testing of metals, wire ropes, rebars, rails, concrete and aerospace components.


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BI-7020 Servo Hydraulic Medium Force Fatigue Test System

The BI-7020 Series servo hydraulic test systems meet practically all the requirements of metals, composites and plastics testing for strength, durability and toughness. It is backed up with a wide choice of application software, transducers, and accessories that satisfy most standard test practices.


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BI-7040 Servo Electric Test System

BI-7040 Servo-Electric Test Systems feature high-stiffness, precision-aligned, free annular load frames. These units are designed to suit for Monotonic, Creep, Stress relaxation, Quasi-static tests, etc.


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BI-7050 Axial Torsion Test System

BI-7050 Axial-Torsion Servo-Hydraulic Testing System meets the challenging demands of various static and dynamic test requirements. The system carries out axial, torsion, or combined axial-torsion tests.


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BI 7080 Damper Test Systems

The BI-7080 is the industry’s first high productivity shock absorber / strut / front-fork test system specially designed for use on damper production lines.


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5980 Floor Model Series for Mechanical Testing

5980 floor models are heavy-duty universal testing systems commonly used for testing high-strength metals and alloys, advanced composites, aerospace and automotive structures, bolts, fasteners, and plate steels. They are capable of testing up to 600 kN.


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The Ultimate Guide to Lightweight Materials and Parts Testing in Automotive and Aerospace

This guide will give materials engineers and scientists working in these industries valuable insight into the latest drop weight impact testing methods and technology. It will provide you with useful guidance on how to make composite materials and parts testing simpler, faster, and more reliable, which is key to minimising disruption and optimising the time to market.


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Industrial Series LX Models

Featuring a large, single test space and single footprint, LX Models are designed for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing.


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Industrial Series DX Models

Featuring a dual test space and single footprint, DX Models are designed for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing.


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3400 Series Universal Testing Systems Brochure

The 3400 Series universal testing systems offer the simplicity and performance needed for routine, standardized QC tests and general-purpose mechanical testing.


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