Instron Connect includes a number of technologies that create a secure connection between the testing systems at your facility and Instron. Our problem-solving tools harness innovative technology to rapidly troubleshoot issues and answer your technical questions, increasing productivity, reducing risk and minimizing downtime.

lnstron’s unrivaled applications expertise and best-in-class service establishes us as the leader in customer satisfaction with the best ownership experience. Instron Connect is available as part of Bluehill® Universal, but can also be used with other Instron software packages (Windows® 7 or higher required).

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Industry Leading Technical Support

Instron Connect provides users with unrivalled support and guidance, by investing in secure connectivity we can read your system's diagnostics information directly, assist you with software questions via remote screen share and put our eyes in your lab for hardware issues through our augmented reality video support platform.

As Technical Support is integrated with Instron Connect, simply submit requests through the Instron Connect Portal, Instron Connect Software or InSkill AI mobile app to accelerate response times.

By utilizing the InSkill AI troubleshooting tool and SightCall AR support tool, you are less likely to repeat calls about the same issue.

Service Call

With cloud-based technology, Instron Support is able to easily locate your equipment records in our system, allowing us to provide our premier service and resolve your issue faster.

Enhance Your Capability & Minimize Downtime

Improve your operation productivity and get results faster with the InSkill AI mobile app, including a troubleshooting tool to help rapidly diagnose issues and provide solutions.

Receive support through remote screen sharing with voice-over IP via the Instron Connect Software.

The SightCall Augmented Reality (AR) support tool brings Instron’s Technical Support team’s eyes into your lab, increasing first-time remote repair rates and eliminating the need for on-site visits.

Instron Connect incorporates a powerful communication platform that brings our support engineers even closer to your organization and laboratory.

Obtain Information Fast

Access your Instron system's service history and service agreement through either the InSkill AI mobile app or the Instron Connect Customer Portal, saving you time and paperwork.

Maintain your lab's certification with automated notifications and easy access to your system's calibration status and certificates, to provide security for audit and lab evaluations.

Stay current with the latest software and firmware updates to keep your Instron system running in optimal condition. Fast, reliable, direct software downloads and file sharing are available through the Instron Connect software.

You can combine your Instron Connect agreement with other services, such as Calibration and Preventative Maintenance.

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