Paper and board

Paper and paper board testing is important to the pulp and paper industry because of the demands placed upon it for a wide range of applications. 

In printing, for example, paper is handled from either cut sheets or rolls (webs) and the tensile strength and elongation properties must meet stringent customer requirements. In packaging, testing of corrugated paper is performed to measure the resistance of edgewise compression.

Principle Of Operation

TAPPI standards are applied for standard testing practices. Edgewise compression strength is tested per T-472 using special fixturing. Tensile breaking strength per T-404 is performed by using a set of Screw or Pneumatic side action grips with appropriate faces.

Application Range

  • Testing method: Tensile, compression, puncture 
  • Specimen type: Paper (dry and wet), corrugated board (dry and wet)


Item Name Testing Standards Cat #
TAPPI T541 Internal Bond Strength of Paperboard. Z-Direction Tensile. TAPPI T541 S1-11814