Low Speed Rear Impact Simulation

The most common complication after a rear impact and a feared cause of chronic disorders is the whiplash injury. Preventive measures such as the optimization of the seat structure and head rest are proven measures to protect the occupant.

For the development and testing of the interaction between the occupant, the seat and the head rest, appropriate test methods have been developed. The current pulse requirements for rear-end impact tests at low speed are defined in the consumer protection programs (EuroNCAP) or in the USA by third party and legal regulations (IIHS Highway Insurance Institute and FMVSS202a) and other agencies worldwide.

In order to meet the high accuracy requirements of these tests, Instron has developed an expansion package that allows the highly dynamic CSA to be operated extremely precisely at a lower acceleration range. Special low - pressure supplementary equipment reduces the operating pressure of the sled system and thereby optimizes its dynamics according to the requirements of the Whiplash test specifications.

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