2620 Series
The 2620 Series dynamic strain gauge extensometers are accurate lightweight units used for direct measurement and closed-loop control of strain in a variety of static and high frequency cyclic materials testing applications. Tensile, compressive, low and high cycle fatigue testing, creep and stress relaxation as well as straight line (ramp) testing may be performed with the 2620 series dynamic strain gauge extensometer to an extensive range of national and international standards.

Principle Of OperationThe 2620 Series extensometers are strain gauge units. The flexural element is a special alloy operating beam with fatigue certified foil gauges bonded to it. The gauges are arranged in a fully active four-arm Wheatstone bridge circuit. It is mounted in a lightweight frame and accurately follows the strain amplitudes applied to it. Variations of gauge length and percentage strain levels may be achieved by the addition of gauge length extenders. Integrated mechanical stops limit the amount of overtravel in the extensometers, enabling them to survive specimen rupture without damage.
Application RangeThe 2620 Series extensometers are designed for use with metals, composites, plastics, wood and other materials exhibiting total strains up to ±50% of the original gauge length. They are immersible in a range of fluids (acetone, mineral and silicone oils, alcohol and similar cooling/heating fluids) and can be quickly and easily calibrated.

Item NameGauge Length% Travel (Axial)Cat#
Dynamic Extensometer 12.5mm GL ±5mm Travel12,5 ; 25 and 50 mm±40, ±20 and ±10%2620-601
Dynamic Extensometer 12.5mm GL ±2.5mm Travel12,5 ; 25 and 50 mm±20, ±10 and ±5%2620-602
Dynamic Extensometer 10mm GL ±1mm Travel10, 25 and 50 mm±10, ±4 and ±2%2620-603
Dynamic Extensometer 25mm GL +12.5mm -2.5mm Travel25 and 50 mm+50 à -10 and +25 à -5%2620-604