3 and 4 Point Fatigue Flexure Fixtures

The flexure fixture allows a variety of flexural and fracture toughness bond tests to be performed, including determination of flexural modulus, flexural strength and flexural yield strength. 

Easy to install, the 3 point fixture can be modified with an optional conversion kit to provide a 4 point bending conversion. 

Lower anvils are adjustable to accommodate specimens of different spans. Deflection of the specimen can be measured either through crosshead displacement, or for more precise measurement use the mid span direct measurement deflectometer plunger with clip on extensometer. T

Principle Of Operation

The specimen is supported on two precision machined (free to rotate or stationary) anvils of a defined radius. The force is applied either centrally (3 point) or at a defined distance either side of the center (4 point). The support beam is graduated lengthways in metric units for accurate positioning of the anvils, equally spaced to the center line.

This feature also applies to the 4 point loading beam and anvils.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: static flexure, cyclic flexure tests. 
  • Specimen material: plastics, metals, alloys, composites, ceramics and other materials. 
  • Specimen shapes: strip, bar, components.