Instron® is the only testing system manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own load cells. This ensures that Instron load cells meet the unique requirements of material testing systems such as high accuracy over a wide measurement range, high stiffness, resistance to offset loads, accurate alignment and excellent zero stability. These load cells are made within Instron’s manufacturing center in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. All Instron load cells are individually temperature-compensated and tested for accuracy and repeatability on a calibration apparatus that is traceable to international standards, with a measurement of uncertainty that does not exceed one-third of the permissible error of the load cell. Instron's Massachusetts headquarters houses the largest commercial deadweight stack in the United States, which allows Instron load cells to often exceed the level of accuracy required by most materials testing standards.

2580 Series Load Cells 10 kN

Static Load Cells

Load cells for Instron’s 3300, 3400, 5900, and 6800 Series universal testing systems.

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2527 Series Load Cell

Dynamic Fatigue Rated
Load Cells

Load cells for Instron ElectroPuls and hydraulic fatigue systems.

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Torsion Load Cell

Torsion Cells

Torsion cells for use with the 55MT series torsion frames.

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