For Testing End Products and Components

Component Test Plate

The Component Test Plate is a drilled and tapped metal plate that can be mounted directly to the base of single and dual column test frames. The entire surface is covered in an array of M6 threaded holes that can be used for a variety of purposes, including mounting components or end products to the plate for tensile, compression, bend, peel, or puncture testing. The plate also allows you to mount grips off-center and makes it easier adapt custom-made grips and fixtures to your test system.

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Principle of Operation

Components or end products can be mounted directly to the component test plate with compatible M6 hardware or machinist vices. The location of the specimen on the plate should be selected such that the area of interest, where the load application occurs, is completely centered. If the load application is off-center it could potentially damage the load cell.

The component test plate is also compatible with Instron standard base adapters (type O and D) which can be mounted to the plate using any of the M6 threaded holes – allowing you to place a grip off-center or adapt a custom-made grip or fixture to the test frame.

Application Range

  • Test types: tensile, compression, flexure, peel, puncture
  • Common applications: biomedical, electronics, microelectronics, consumer products

Component Test Plate

Catalog no. Compatible Frames Capacity Width  Depth
2910-108 Single Column Systems
1 kN 600 mm 300 mm
2910-107 Dual Column Systems
68TM, 34TM, 596x, 336x, 556x, 556xA, 446x
2 kN 300 mm 300 mm
2910-106 Single Column Systems
1 kN 600 mm 300 mm
2910-105 Single Column Systems
34SC, 594x, 554x
1 kN 600 mm 300 mm
CP129729 Extra Wide Dual Column Systems
30 kN 914 mm 610 mm
CP129738 Dual Column Systems
68TM, 34TM, 596x, 336x, 556x, 556xA, 446x
30 kN 400 mm 400 mm

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