For Testing Components and Structures 

T-Slot Table

The T-slot table provides an extended work area for your universal testing system that offers a convenient way to secure components and structures for performing tensile, compression and flexural tests. The T-slot table gets mounted directly to the base of the machine and is equipped with T-slots that run front-to-back, side-to-side, and diagonally. Components and structures can then be secured in position on the table using the various clamping tools supplied. The design allows you to use standard Instron grips, text fixtures, and other major accessories without needing to remove the T-slot table from the frame.

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T-Slot Table with Mechanical Wedge Grips

Principle of Operation

T-slot tables allow users to secure components that can't be held with standard grips to a universal testing machine. Commercially available T-slot nuts are slid into the inverted T-slot of the table. Bolts, studs, or threaded rods can then be threaded into the nuts. The T-slot table can be used to secure specimens that might otherwise be ejected from the test space under load.

The T-slot table can also be used to position specimens in the same location for repeated tests or batch testing of product. Guides, slides, or stops can be positioned on the table and bolted into position to allow precise placement of the specimens for every test.

Application Range

  • Test types: tensile, compression, flexure, peel, cyclic (static)
  • Specimen type: components, structures
  • Common applications: automotive, electronics, biomedical, consumer products
Component Test Plate

Catalog no. Maximum Capacity Compatible Frames Width Depth
CP103964 5 kN 3340, 4440, 5540, 5840, 5940, 34SC, 68SC Single Column Systems 200 mm 160 mm
2850-206 50 kN 3360 Table Model Systems 400 mm 500 mm
2850-205 50 kN 4460, 5560, 5860, 5960, 34TM, 68TM Table Model Systems 400 mm 500 mm
2850-203 300 kN 3382, 3384, 3385H, 34FM-100, 34FM-300, 4481, 4482, 4484, 4485, 5581, 5582, 5584, 5585, 5585H, 5881, 5882, 5884, 5885, 5885H, 5982, 5984, 5985, 68FM-100, 68FM-300 550 mm 500 mm
2850-202 600 kN 4400, 5500, 5800, 5900 Floor Model Systems Over 250 kN Capacity 640 mm 640 mm
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