3-Axis Non-Robotic Automated Testing System

The AT3 is a compact, versatile automated testing system capable of performing tensile, compression, and flexure testing. Meeting a variety of testing standards, including ASTM D638, ASTM D790, ISO 527, and ISO 178, the AT3 is well suited for testing rigid plastics, elastomers, rubber, thin films, foils, foams, metals, and much more. The system can hold up to 160 specimens and automates everything from specimen measurement, material handling, data collection, and specimen disposal –improving the throughput, repeatability, and safety of your testing while freeing up your operators to focus on other tasks.

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AT3 Configured for Flex Testing


Capable of holding up to 160 specimens, the AT3 allows you to load a batch, hit start, and walk away.

Specimen Racking
The AT3 can hold two removable specimen racks with up to 80* specimens per rack. Racks can be pre-loaded while the system is running.
*Capacity is dependent on sample size and geometry

Automated Specimen Handling
A 3-axis actuator picks and places each specimen at the various stations in the AT3 for measurement and testing.

Specimen Removal | Watch Video
An enhanced specimen removal device can be added to the AT3 to remove specimens from the test area via actuator or vacuum suction.



By automating most of the testing process, the AT3 reduces the number of variables that can cause variation in your test results.

Automated Specimen Measurement
Prior to testing, the AT3 can be configured to measure each specimen with a dual axis specimen measurement device that automatically sends the data to Bluehill® Universal software.

Automated Specimen Loading
The 3-axis actuator is programmed to replicate the same actions for each specimen, improving the repeatability of your testing.

Automatic Strain Measurement
The AT3 can be configured with AutoX750 contacting or AVE 2 non-contacting extensometers, enabling precision strain measurements without any operator intervention.

Automatic Specimen Measurement
AT3 Protective Enclosure


The AT3 is fitted with a full enclosure that isolates the system and all movement, allowing operators to work safely in the area while testing is underway.

Interlocking Door
The protective enclosure features an interlocking door that prevents the system from running any time the door is open. An optional lock can be added to prevent accidental system shutdowns.

Improved Ergonomics
The AT3 reduces the number of repetitive, manual tasks in your lab, decreasing the risk of repetitive motion injuries while also keeping your operators away from potential pinch hazards.

Manual Mode | Watch Video
While the AT3 is designed to automate the testing process, a manual mode can be engaged with the flip of a switch to perform testing like you would on any other manual testing system.



Tensile Testing
Flexure Testing
Compression Testing

Thin Film Testing
Foil Testing
Elastomer Testing

Medical Glove Testing