ElectroPuls® 16-Station
Testing System

High Cycle Fatigue on multiple samples

The ElectroPuls 16-Station testing system performs high cycle fatigue testing on multiple samples simultaneously, with a fatigue-rated load cell included on each station. The fixture uses a carousel designed with high stiffness and low mass to enable high frequency testing and reduce test time.

Testing can be carried out in a clear, polycarbonate saline bath at up to 37°C and is controlled by the test software allowing temperature measurements to be recorded alongside your test results.

The entire carousel fixture can be lowered into and raised from the bath using the crosshead lift controls, allowing easy specimen inspection.

A Decade of Experience
Working closely with customers for over a decade, Instron has optimized its ElectroPuls multi-station testing system to increase the number of stations whilst improving ergonomics and specimen access. Long-term fatigue characteristics of nickel-titanium (Nitinol), stainless-steel and a range of other materials and structures can be assessed with the following:

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Fatigue-rated load cell for each station

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Assembly can be submerged in a temperature-controlled bath for in-vitro testing

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Precision station alignment and dedicated grips

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WaveMatrix3 dynamic test software for test control and analysis

Stent Systems Complete System Half in Bath

16 Synchronized Test Stations
A 33% improvement on capacity from our original design over a decade ago, now featuring 16 stations.

When testing at high frequencies, inertial effects from fixture mass can introduce errors in your data. Our new fixture is made from lightweight Titanium rather than Stainless-Steel and the design has been optimized to reduce weight.

Hollow pushrods and a tapered lower wheel further reduce the fixture weight while maintaining stiffness, allowing for testing at higher frequencies.

Using inert titanium gives you peace of mind when testing in saline solution.

All-In-One Software and Data Acquisition Solution
Utilizing Instron's world-renowned fatigue testing software, WaveMatrix3

No need for special software packages. Instron's standard fatigue testing software, WaveMatrix3, is at the heart of every multi-station fatigue tests. With over 15 years of continuous improvement on the original WaveMatrix software, WaveMatrix3 brings a host of improvements and new features. Find out more about WaveMatrix3 here.


WaveMatrix3 Test Software

WaveMatrix3 Fatigue Test Software
Independent load measurement allows you to monitor all 16 stations simultaneously, on one or multiple graphs.

Set limits, view live displays and track trends across each individual station to determine specimen failure.

8800MT with WaveMatrix3 logs data across all load channels without the need for additional programs, data acquisition devices, or a separate PC. Instron provide an all-in-one solution for multi-station testing.

Seamlessly pause and resume tests to allow specimen inspection without disturbing your results.


Effortless Adjustment
Instron worked with customers to improve the ergonomics of our new fixture design:
  • In-line button load cells provide greater access to the fixture for precise specimen adjustment.
  • Unlike with beam load cells, there is no misalignment in X or Y when adjusting or pre-loading each station.
  • ±5 mm adjustment in each station, locked and adjusted by a single hex key screw.
  • Accurately and easily achieve even pre-loads across all 16 stations.
Simple Access for Specimen Insertion and Adjustment

Stent Systems Temperature Controlled Bath

Temperature Controlled Recirculating Bath
  • 12 litre capacity with in-bath temperature measurement and closed-loop control up to 45°C.
  • Comfortably test medical devices in‑vitro to simulate the environment of the human body, such as the 37±2 °C demanded by ASTM F2477 for the testing of vascular stents.
  • Self-circulating water minimizes temperature gradients to ensure all specimens experience the same conditions. Clear bath for inspection of specimens during test.
  • Raise the fixture from the bath mid-test for closer visual inspection.

Application Example

Stent Testing
Fatigue testing of vascular stents and stent grafts requires the complete structure, or individual segments and links, to be subjected to millions of fatigue loading cycles. For the test to succeed the pass/fail criterion required by international standards such as ASTM F2477, the device must not have fractured after this time and multiple successes are required to validate a single product.

Each test can take months to complete, so to enable a representative sample of specimens to be evaluated and to reduce overall test time, multiple samples must be tested on a single system.

To learn more about stent testing, click here.


What Our Customers Think...

We have worked with Instron since the inception of our company and their partnership has been essential to our business. Their willingness to understand our unique testing requirements for medical device regulatory submissions of high-performance biomaterials has been immensely critical in our growth.

We have used many industry standard testers and the Instron equipment have become our preferred systems. Their intuitive and versatile software, along with their robust hardware consistently delivers precise and dependable test results that continue to lead to successful regulatory submissions.

This latest test fixture has revolutionized our testing procedure by drastically reducing setup time, simplifying previously complex and laborious adjustments, and removing the potential for human error.

Sean Pelton, Chief Operating Officer at G.RAU Inc.

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