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The Instron Drop Tower 9400 Series was developed to deliver faster results, fewer errors, and lower training costs for customers who are under pressure to deliver higher quality advanced materials for stronger yet lighter products.

This is achieved by simplifying workflows, providing preconfigured and prompted tests, streamlining data and exporting it for analysis, whilst providing advanced capability with high speed video and more.

These capabilities all make the 9400 Drop Tower Series

Simpler Smarter Safer


Powered by Bluehill® Impact

Bluehill Impact is built from the ground up for touch interaction. The Operator Dashboard features large touchpoints to make the user experience simpler and smarter. Easy-to-understand icons and workflows make it easy to train new or experienced users, simplify operator training, and allow you to start testing even faster than before.

9400 Series Drop Tower Simpler

Simple Set Up

The easy set up of the carriage, masses, tups, and supports allow you to benefit from high testing capabilities. Easily switch from high to low loads and from coupon to component testing.

Simple Test Procedures

Thanks to prompted tests and the integrated touch panel, test set up procedures require just a few clicks. Users can be guided through the entire testing process with step-by-step instructions, ensuring tests remain repeatable, simple, and error-free. Prompts are fully customizable with bespoke text or messages.

Smart Defaults

Bluehill Impact provides a set of pre-configured methods to cover the most common impact testing scenarios.

Quicker Testing

Productivity is increased by 20% thanks to the combination of the new Dashboard and Bluehill Impact providing faster data acquisition and results.


Integrated innovations for Efficient Tests

9400 Series Drop Tower Smarter

Flexible Data Analysis

Users can define unique data flow and procedures ensuring data processing flexibility. Bluehill Impact reports on anomalies and inconsistent results when they are outside set parameters.

Sharing Results

Easily share test method and results within your company or direct to your customers with our new file management system.

Calibration Alert

Automatic alerts are generated when Tup calibration period is expiring. This feature helps to reduce the risk of invalid tests and protect your results against inaccuracies.

High Speed Camera Trigger

Increase your characterization data with the use of high speed cameras. The 9400 Drop Towers are equipped with a high-speed camera connection to allow for a simultaneous and synchronized acquisition of high speed video with the Force profile.

Transparent panel

View your test from any side and record fur future reference. When using a high speed camera, you save time by not having to move accessories when you change specimens or test method.

Tup Force Range Scale (%)

Our tups are calibrated over different percentages of the maximum capacity – this allows you to refine the force scale resulting in better load resolution as well as higher levels of system flexibility.


Safety Without Sacrificing Throughput

9400 Series Drop Tower Safer

Fully Enclosed

Integrated safety circuits

Your Results are Always Saved

Never lose your results, even if power is lost during the test or the operator completes an unscheduled shutdown.

Enhanced Security

Bluehill Impact security allows the Lab manager to configure permissions in the software, granting full permissions to super users and limiting access where needed.

Built-In Safety Notifications

The 9400 system is a fully enclosed system to conform with CE regulations. As an additional safety measure, the system gives clear visual information on the instrument status, so users always know when a test is in progress.

Enhanced Efficiency

A comparison of 9450 with Bluehill Impact Software versus 9350 with Visual Impact Software testing to ISO 6603-2.



How to Automate Your Impact Testing Process

Instron’s Bluehill® Impact AutoMate Software and 9450 Impact Testing Machine utilize an innovative design for automatic puncture impact testing of plastic specimens. Meeting the requirements of ISO and ASTM, this system offers the combined benefits of our 9450 Impact Drop Tower and Bluehill platform to provide a reduction in non-productive time in the lab.


9450 Drop Tower Basket

Faster Time to Market

With automated testing, newly developed materials can be continuously tested and validated. The resultant reduction in testing cycles allows your company to bring your products to market faster.

Reduced Operator Interactions

Decrease repetitive operator actions associated with high volume manual testing. Your operators can invest their time smarter, and your company can save approximately 65% of their time daily.

Reduced Operating Costs

Your company can save approximately $200 USD per day associated with LN2 usage with an automated system.

Simpler Test Method Creation

Bluehill Impact Software includes pre-configured test method templates for ISO 6603, ISO 7765 and ASTM D3763 for quicker method set-up.

Smarter Test Analysis

Bluehill Impact Software automatically recognizes the break type according to the shape of the curve. This ensures associations to the break type remain the same operator-to-operator.

Smarter Automatic Testing

Once a test method has been created in Bluehill Impact, you can use AutoMate Software module to customize how the specimens in the feeder are tested, assigning different test velocities and temperatures to a single batch of specimens.

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