Instron pendulums are designed to meet the growing demand for accurate and repeatable impact testing on a wide range of materials. Used to determine the mechanical and physical properties of metals, polymers, composites, and finished products for both research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC), the pendulum family is capable of performing Charpy, Izod, and Tensile tests according to international standards. As uninstrumented systems, they provide the absorbed energy value. By fully instrumenting the pendulum, a more complete study of how the material reacts to impact can be gathered. This information is useful when evaluating the type of failure and the dynamic response of the material.

CEAST 9050 Impact Pendulum

CEAST 9050 Impact Pendulum

The easily customized and controlled CEAST 9050 Impact Pendulum can test the resilience of plastics and composites with hammers, vices, or supports.


MPX Impact Tester with Bluehill Impact Software

MPX Series Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester

Ideal for high volume testing, the MPX Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester is the safest Charpy testing system on the market.

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