Pendulum Impact Testing

How to Perform Low-Temperature Pendulum Impact Testing

Plastics undergo a transition from ductile behavior at higher temperatures to brittle behavior at lower temperatures. It is generally observed that the impact toughness decreases with decreasing temperature. For this reason, determining the ductile-to-brittle transition of a material can be of critical interest for many polymer applications. To perform impact low-temperature testing, it is possible to condition the specimen in a thermal conditioning cell (Cryobox) mounted directly onto the 9050 pendulum.


Cryobox Open 9050

Main Features and Benefits

Stopwatch Icon Green

Vice and specimens are jointly conditioned. This minimizes thermal dispersion and allows impacting the specimen within 5 seconds
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Up to 11 specimens for below-zero tests (from -60° to environment temperature) can be conditioned through a separate electrical cabinet for temperature control

Application Range

Izod, Charpy, or Tensile Impact