Melt Flow Index Testers

Extrusion Plastometers for Rapid Incoming Material Acceptance and Efficient Process Control

Instron® MFi Series of melt flow index testers are specifically designed for easy and accurate measuring of Melt Flow Rate (MFR) and Melt Volume Rate (MVR) according to Melt Flow Rate testing procedure A, procedure B, procedure C and procedure D, determined by ASTM D1238 and ISO 1133 standards.

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Why Melt Flow Testing Optimizes Your Productivity

MFi Series Why Melt Flow Testing Optimizes your Productivity Diagram

Melt flow testing is simply a measure of the flow of a polymer when melted. The result of a melt flow test, called the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) or melt volume-flow rate (MVR), is defined as the amount of mass or volume of a polymer that flows through a small die at a specified temperature and pressure.

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Accelerated expectations for rapid material processing and delivery continue to ride. Avoiding production bottlenecks is a key to secure your profit and gain a competitive advantage in the market. The advanced technology of Instron new Melt Flow Index Testers minimize costly errors and increase your productivity.

Smart User Interface

Smart User Interface
Create a test method with just 3 inputs and see real time graphs (MFR/MVR vs. individual measurements) and test results

Live Help

Live Help
Available for each screen it supports you to perform error-free tests while reducing new operators trainings

High Flow Solutions

High Flow Solutions
Light piston and automatic die plug opening assist you in selecting the perfect quantity of high-flow resin while reducing materials waste and component maintenance

Bluehill Melt Software

Bluehill® Melt Software
Avoid unintended interactions when running parallel tests: create and distribute Testing Methods towards several different Instron Melt Flow Testers – Receive and analyze – Centralize print and export LIMS

Self Installation

Self Installation
Save time and costs. Get your MFi ready for testing activities by self installing it with the support of our instruction videos

Which Melt Flow Index Tester is Right for the Growth of your Business

MFi Series Melt Flow Tester MFi5

The MFi5 is a compact instrument that allows rapid inspection of the melt mass flow rate of plastics to Procedures A, B, and C.

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MFi Series Melt Flow Tester MFi7

The MFi7 is a modular instrument for a growing volume of Procedure A, B, and C tests, featuring advantages attributed to automation.

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Type of Test Methods A, B, C Methods A, B, C
Test Temperature Range 50° – 450° 50° – 450°
Piston Travel Transducer
PTT Resolution <0.005 mm <0.005 mm
Test Masses Range 0.100 – 21.6 kg 0.100 – 21.6 kg
Test Masses Motorizied Lifter -
Automatic Compacting and Purging -
Motorized Melt Cutter
Test Masses Manual Selector - Optional
Die Plug Automatic Opening Optional Optional
Temperature Accuracy <0.3°C <0.3°C
Barrel Type STANDARD: Nitrided Steel with Superior Wear Resistance STANDARD: Nitrided Steel with Superior Wear Resistance
OPTIONAL: Special stainless-steel for corrosive materials OPTIONAL: Special stainless-steel for corrosive materials
Temperature Resolution <0.05°C <0.05°C
User Interface 7’’ Capacitive touch display 7’’ Capacitive touch display
Other Facilities Required to Operate Basic Machine and Options Only Electrical supply Only Electrical supply
Additional Safety Shields - Optional
Bluehill Melt Software Optional Optional
Export Interfaces USB, LAN for Bluehill Melt Software USB, LAN for Bluehill Melt Software
Basic Machine Dimensions (w × d × h) 510 x 370 x 600 mm 510 x 370 x 850 mm
Machine Dimensions with Options (w × d × h) 510 x 370 x 700 mm 775 x 440 x 1200 mm
Basic Machine Mass 60 kg 70 kg
Power Supply 660 W 780 W
Electrical Supply Only 230 or 115 V UL/CSA ready
50/60 Hz
230 or 115 V UL/CSA ready
50/60 Hz

Melt Flow Index Tester Maintenance: Top Tips to Optimize your Test Repeatability and Accuracy

Melt Flow Index Tester Maintenance

A melt flow index tester requires regular maintenance to deliver repeatable and accurate results over time. Here we look at four maintenance top tips to maximize an Instron melt flow tester’s uptime and efficiency.

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