Strain Measurement When Testing Composites

When testing composite specimens, effective strain measurement often requires the direct bonding of strain gauges to the specimen. It is generally not possible to connect individual strain gauges directly to materials testing systems since the electronics are typically designed for a "full Wheatstone bridge" whereas a single strain gauge is only a "quarter bridge".


Typically, one would need external signal conditioning and bridge completion electronics such as Vishay or HBM, which bypasses the signal conditioning in the strain channel. We recommend a simpler, less costly approach: a “bridge completion” adapter and cable that connects directly to the signal conditioning in the strain channel, making the strain gauge look like an extensometer; you will no longer need the external conditioning electronics. Calibration in materials testing software is as simple as when using a clip-on extensometer.

Originally posted on April 19, 2012 , Updated On August 28, 2023