Selecting a Pressure Transducer for Your Capillary Rheometer

It is common to refer to pressure transducers by their full-scale range in megapascals (1 MPa is 145 psi). The accuracy is 0.25% of the full scale of the pressure transducer. To obtain the highest quality data, the recommended minimum pressure is about 10 times the accuracy and the recommended maximum pressure is about 90% of the full-scale range. For example, if you select a 1,000 bar transducer, referred to as a 100 MPa transducer, the recommended minimum is 2.5 MPa (362 psi) (ten times the accuracy) and the recommended maximum is 90 MPa (13,050 psi) (90% of full-scale range).

Individual capillary rheometer pressure transducers have a limited range. For example, a 15 mm diameter barrel can only apply about 35.5 kN before it reaches the maximum of 200 MPa. Multiple transducers are often used to cover a wide variety of samples and tests.


Originally posted on March 06, 2012 , Updated On June 20, 2024