Why is Pendulum Impact Testing Important in Research

Charpy and Izod impact tests play a vital role in the plastic chain, especially in raw material supply and recycling applications. The impact strength is one of the most crucial properties for polymer-based materials and it is commonly seen on materials data sheets.  Knowing the impact strength of plastics allows manufacturers to classify the materials for specific purposes.

Using reliable pendulum impact testing machines is therefore essential. To achieve this important goal, an innovative Dutch knowledge center for applied plastics technology, Polymer Science Park turned to Instron test equipment.

Polymer Science Park was founded in 2011 when some of the larger plastic Companies bundled their forces to speed up research in plastics. Today, Polymer Science Park is running research projects mainly focused on the characterization of recycled polymers, providing Companies insights on the most suitable materials for their final application.

A wide variety of materials are at the heart of Polymer Science Park’ day-to-day research: thermoplastics, engineering plastics, special compounds and thermosets, whose typical applications include wind, pipe, building, construction, agriculture, packaging and automotive.

Unreliable Pendulum Impact testing machines can harm research projects

Every time a pendulum impact testing machine provides high spread of results, the progress with materials research is affected. It is not difficult to understand that lab environments with several operators have a major influence on the uncertainty associated with a measurement result. Their ability to facilitate the measurement process has a direct impact on the accuracy of results.

“The pendulum testing machine we previously used was a manual tester and we have had challenges concerning operator dependency and reproducibility of results.” commented Nils Schut, Process engineer at Polymer Science Park “Anything that interferes with testing reliability is a concern for Polymer Science Park”. This is why Polymer Science Park decided to turn to Instron’s latest pendulum impact testing technology. 

How the latest Plastic Pendulum Impact testing technology improves reliability

The Instron Plastic Pendulum system has met Polymer Science Park’ expectations in terms of reliability.

The motorized 9050 pendulum model with pneumatic operations has eliminated operators' dependency and has greatly increased the reproducibility of results. This is very important because we supply test data to Companies. “commented Nils“ The broad range of hammers, the notch centering device, the stable connections and the ergonomic design are meeting our testing needs.Niels describes the Instron 9050 impact pendulum machine as a big step forward, which enhances ease of ease, and speeds up the testing process.

Polymer Science Park is continuously researching new products and materials. The company’s positive experience with Instron system makes Instron an effective innovation partner.

9050 pendulum impact testing machine at polymer science park

Originally posted on April 05, 2022 , Updated On January 16, 2023