Instron Safety: How To Use a Tensile and Compression Testing System Safely

In this video, we offer quick tips on how to safely use an Instron® universal testing system. For additional safety information, visit our manuals section to read your Instron system manual, or contact your local service representative.

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Tensile Grip Guide

In this video, we discuss some of the key differentiators between the major tensile grip types, including manual versus powered and side action versus wedge. We cover how they work and their suitability in various testing scenarios, in addition to some recommendations for better throughput and efficiency.

AT3 Automated Film Tensile Testing to ASTM D882

The Instron® TestMaster AT3 Automated Testing System uses an innovative three-axis design for automatic tensile testing of thin films. Normal tensile testing of thin films can prove challenging, but the versatile AT3 makes it easy, improving repeatability, safety, and efficiency by automating everything from measurement to specimen handling and removal.

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