Updating or Upgrading Your Instron System and Software

Why Upgrade or Update Your Instron System and Software?​

Modernize the test systems in your laboratory and take advantage of the latest technological advances in electronics and software. Instron upgrades allow users of Instron and non-Instron testing equipment to upgrade or retrofit testing frames with the industry's most advanced electronics and software. In addition to major system software upgrades, we frequently release updates for current Instron software solutions. Software updates go beyond addressing reported issues, often adding significant functionality and ease of use improvements. ​

In addition to major system software upgrades, we frequently release updates for current Instron software packages. Bluehill Universal software updates are available for all customers with a current Instron Connect agreement.

Calibration and IQOQ After Software Upgrades or Updates

Based on our software verification and validation testing during product development, we believe that software upgrades have no effect on the values of transducer calibration and data collected by the testing system. If your internal standards or compliance to other regulatory bodies (including those outside of ISO or ASTM) require you to recalibrate your testing instrument after a software change, we recommend a more comprehensive validation.
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IQOQ validation is required for compliance with certain regulatory standards. If your system is governed by an IQOQ validation, you will need to evaluate whether any revalidation is necessary after a software update or upgrade. This evaluation will likely include an analysis of what items have changed in the software, and a risk assessment of how those changes affect your internal testing. If it is determined that a redo of the Instron IQOQ is required, please contact your local Service team.
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Testing Software

Materials testing software packages are available for all new Instron testing systems and as upgrades to existing Instron systems.